A Book for Families with Newborns

Why read this book to your baby?

Reading to babies is a wonderful way to encourage development. Newborn and even premature babies have a language all their own. It is expressed in their behaviors and their patterns of wakefulness and sleep. It is expressed through vocalizations and cries. 

Learning about your baby is one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have. But it is not so easy at first.  Babies are adjusting to life outside of the womb, and this may exhibit in many ways.

Many parents are looking for guidance in communicating with their little one. This small book is a jumpstart to watching closely and listening to the voice of your newborn.

Listen. Watch. Learn.

This book is not an instruction or how to guide. It is simply a suggestion of the shared thoughts of parents and babies. Families have many stories and no two are the same. 

Following your baby's lead in communication will get your family started on the beautiful world of the development in understanding your child's thoughts and language patterns.